Plating plant offers innumerable number of challenges to an automation engineer. The various permutation and combination makes the software development all the more difficult.

The metal caps before plating

After plating (with yellow passivation)

After plating (with blue passivation)

Components to be plated will be loaded in to a barrel made out of fiber glass.


This shows the plating plant line, with 50 odd number off tanks , filled with different chemicals, needed for the process. The pipes located on  the tank sucks all the fumes eminating from the tanks.


A wagon is a transporting vehicle which will transfer the barrel from one tank to another. In this photo barrel is being shifted from tank no. 15

There are 4  wagons in this plant, this photo shows two of them coming together. These wagons run at very high speed and at times it comes so close to each other at such high speeds as if they are going to collide with each other. The control software ensures that there will be no such accidents.


Plating plant is challenging because all the components will not be required to go to all the tanks. Also there will be specific time for each process tank. Component should not remain in that tank for more than the stipulated time. Depending on yellow or blue passivation, the wagon will have to skip certain, tanks for certain barrels only.  The computer remembers all this permutation and combinations and all the activities happens automatically without any human intervention.