This  plant, located in a  city  called  AL fujairah, which is bout 180 kilometers from Dubai, produces 2000 barrels in a shift. This would mean , a barrel will be produced every 18 seconds.


The process involves, cutting the sheet to a perfect size, roll it  and weld it, to form a cylinder. Then onwards, the so formed shell, moves on a conveyor to different machines like flanging, beeding, corrugation and seaming, before it goes for painting.

This is fully automated sheet cutting line. The operator fits the coil  of steel sheet in to the coil holder. The machine draws the sheet to a desired length and cuts and stacks  the sheet. The controller measures the length using encoders (another type of sensor) and issues approprite commands to the motors.  The tolerance is +_0.5 mm.  The cut sheet will be a waste if the length is either more or less by 0.5mm.  From that point of view, this is a critical machine. It needs to be more accurate and fast enough to meet the production speed.




 The conveyor line carrying barrels to each machine, which is fully automated.

Finished product ready for dispatch

Control panel for the main line